Why should we choose zaistronic?

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Zaistronic is a German company with a long history of manufacturing and selling medical equipment
At Zaistronic, our goal is to produce products which make life a more enjoyable experience for consumers.
The use of world-class innovation and technology in the production of Zaistronic products has made these practical products very popular, and now people in many countries around the world are experiencing a better life by using these products.
Use Zaistronic products with ease and enjoy the quality and efficiency of German engineering along with the latest technology in the world.

Best selling products

Logistics and product delivery

Wherever you are, we reach out to you!
Zaistronic has a large logistics fleet and an extensive network of routes and destinations.
Zaistronic, with extensive marketing in countries around the world, requires such a network to be able to deliver manufactured products to consumers.
Now, thanks to the large Zaistronic logistics network, any group of people in any corner of the world can access the company’s products and enjoy their benefits.

PLATINER with UIC technology, the best treatment for all types of back pain.

Platiner belt is one of the latest products that are very effective in relieving back pain and muscle tension. This product uses the latest technology in the world to be more effective in treating all types of back pain. This technology is called UIC, which consists of three technologies: ultrasound, infrared rays and clock pulse. Each of these technologies somehow restores and regenerates the damage, reduces pain, softens and relieves muscle spasms, and finally improves the range of motion of the joints.

Zapiamax knee brace, three technologies to treat all types of knee pain

UIC ZAPIAMAX Knee Brace is an ultra-advanced treatment for all types of pain caused by knee injuries, including arthritis, which improves and relieves all types of pain by using the latest technologies and the use of ultrasound, infrared and clock-pulse treatment.
ZAPIAMAX, as an effective rehabilitation knee brace in controlling pain and improving movement performance through the technology hidden in it, has presented a new and significant treatment to patients.


Anyone with severe migraines is willing to try anything for relief and with a money back guarantee, its worth trying.
I’ve used it about 4 times so far. This was great. I was able to fall asleep during a full-blown migraine. When it finished its cycle I had a little relief, about 4 hours later my migraine was almost gone. Will it work every time? probably not. I don’t have faith that any migraine treatment will work consistently because none ever have for me, however it’s an amazing addition to my migraine arsenal. Thank you zaistronic.

This product of zaistronic has been a saving grace for me. I have battled chronic migraines for years now and I hate being medicated all the time. This product reduces the frequency of mine to almost half!!!!! Huge win for me.

This looked like a great product of zaistronic which help in the relief of migraines that my young teen now gets. So, few migraine medications are approved for under 18 years of age. Ibuprofen liquid-gels, icy-hot roll-on, and now this product can offer some relief.